2011年4月高等澳门英皇APP自学考试全国澳门英皇APP命题考试 英语(二)试卷及答案 (课程代码:00015)


ⅠVocabulary and Structure(10points 1 point each)


1.You may use bike________ you give it back to metomorrow morning.

A. unless     B.provided  

C. though      D. because

2.He could not ________his tears on hearing that hewas not admitted to the university

A. hold up        B. hold back  

C. get over       D. get through

3.Good parents have the ability to communicatemessages of love, trust, and self-worth ______their children

A. on      B.for        C. with    D. to

4.The teacher required that all errors should be_______eliminated before the students turn in their term paper.

A. deported   B.eliminated

C. deprived   D.implemented

5.A person is lucky if his career ________with hisinterest and hobby.

A. concerns   B.competes  

C. coinciders     D.compares

6.Out sleep influences our mood. our mood,________,affects our performance.

A. in return  B.in vain

C. in short   D.in turn

7.It was ________of you not to disturb us while we weresleeping.

A. considerate B. considering

C. considerable D. considered

8.I'd appreciate it very much if you could make some________on my recent article at the conference.

A. requests   B.references

C. remarks    D. restrictions

9.He is ______absorbed in his own thoughts that heseems unaware of what's going on in the room.

A. so      B.each    C. very    D. much

10.No sooner (选C)had I reachedhome than Michael arrived with Jane in his car.

A. did I reach              B.Ihad reached

C. had I reached         D.Ireached

Ⅱ.Cloze Test(10point,1 point each)


Itis difficult to escape the influence of television. If you fit the statisticalmessages, by the age of 20 you will have been esposed___11___at least 20,000hours of television. You can add 10,000 hours for each decade you have lived___12___the age of 20. The only things Americans do more than them watch thetelevision are work an sleep.

Calculatefor a moment what could be done with even a part of those ____13____.Fivethousand, I am sold, are what a typical college undergraduate____14____workingin a bachelor’s degree. In 10,000 hours you corded have learnedseveral lauguages fluently, you could be reading Shakespeare in the____15____,and you could have walked around the world the world and ____16____abook about these hours.

Thetrouble with television is____17____it discourages concentrations. Almostanything interesting and rewarding in life____18____some constructive effort.The dultest , the least gifted of us can achieve things that seem remarkableto those____19____never concertrate on anything .But television encourages usnot to make any___20___.It makes the time pass without gain.

11.A.to    B.under   C. for     D. at

12.A.at    B.from C. after  D. before

13.A.decades  B.hours   C.years D. things

14.A.spends   B.casts   C.takes D. uses

15.A.origin   B.beginning  C. source  D. original

16.A.written B. write    C. wrote D. writing

17.A.what  B.that    C. which   D. why

18.A.requests     B.asks C. orders    D. requires

19.A.what  B.whose   C. which   D. who

20.A.money    B.time    C. effort  D. skill

Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension(30point,2points each)


Passage one

Questions21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

Michael Stadtlander set Toronto’s restarant world on fire in the1980s with his original food, and eastablished a national and internationalfame. In 1994,however,he decided to leave the city restaurant scene and seek aquiet life in the country, where he has been preparing meals on his farm twohours borth of Toronto and asks guests to bring their own wine.

Not long ago,Stadlander was charged with selling liquer without a licence, He said when aguest asked for wine at a dinner in December, he provided two bottles from hisprivate stock.But the customer turned out to be an undercover Ontario ProvincialPolice(OPP)officer who returned a few days later along with four armed officersto seize 83 bottles of wine,and to search the farmhouse for records. Thepunishment could run as high as $100,000 in fines and a year in jail.

When Mr andMrs Smisth arrived at the farm on a weekend befre Christmas, they said that itwas their annual celebrstion and asked if they could get somewine.Nobuyo,Stadtlander’s wife,told them the policy wasthar guests peovide their own..

Given theoccasion, though, Stadtlander agreed to provide a bottle of white wiee from owncellar,at cost,as a favor, Later, Mr Smith asked for a second bottle and adetailed receipt that included the price of thr wine.He turned out to be OPPDetective Paul Smith and “his wife,”anassistant who went as a witness.

“I was shocked,”Nobuyo Stadtlander recalls.”How could thy dothis to us when we did them a favor?We sold them our wine at our cost.”.But Mr.Smith say,” No.they made $20.”

Stadtlanderis determined to prove his innocence and continue the business.

“People who live in the area have been very supportive,” he says.”And when this is over,I want mywine back.”

21.Stadtlanderwas accused because________.

A. be offered too much wine for a guest

B. be asked guests to bring their own wine

C. be charged too much for the wine offered

D. be sold wise to his guests without a license

22.In the 1980s,Stadtlander________.

A. threw his original restaurant menu into the fine

B. made his restaurant well-known around the world

C. sought for a quiet life in the central part of thecity

D. opened one resyaurant after another home andabroad.

23.IT turned out that Mr. and Mrs. Smithwere________.

A. two farmers

B. two witnesecs C. hasbend and wife

D. police officers

24.Nobuy Studtlander claimed that in the wine case theymade________.

A.$1.20 B. no money C.$100,000 D. a lot of money

25.Which of the following could be used as evidenceagainst Stadtlander?

A. What Stadtlander’s wife said

B. The second bottle of wine

C. Therecords from the farmhouse.

D.A receiptwith the wine price.

Passage Two

Questions26to 30 are based on the following passage.

A recentstudy shows that sixteen out of every 100 American couoles have violentconfrontations of one sort or another during the course of a year. In six ofthese cases there is severe kicking, biting, punching or hitting with objects.Almost four of every 100 wives are seriously beaten by their husbands. three ofevery 100 children are kicked or punched by their parents. More than a third ofall brothers and sisters severely attack each other.

As expected,the incidence of violence is highest among the urban poor (many of themminoroties).blue-collar workers, people under 20 or without religious beliefs,families with a husband who is jobless and those with four to six children. Butthe study also showed that violence occurs among wealthy families as well.Indeed, the wife of a university president once quietly called Straus, one ofthe sociologists who conducted the study, to ask what she could do about herhusband, who often beat her. Straus suggested seeking assistance from marriageadvisors.

Steaus andhis colleagues found out that there are various root causes that give rise tosuch behavior.“The reason are mixed –psychological,sociological, situational,” says Straus.“The husband, for example, may feel under particular stress becausebe has been out of work too long. Violence may also be an echo of the past,” Straus explains.“When Mummy gives hertwo-year-old a slap(巴掌)for putting something dirty inhis mouth, he is learning from infancy that those who love you hit you.” Another reason may be the worsening economic situations.“If we have a real economos decline, It’sgoing to get worse,” economic situations.“If we have a real economic declines,it’sgoing to get worse,” says Gelles, one of Straus” colleagues.

Thesesociologists have no easy answer to violence in the American family. While theywelcome such move as the opening of shelters for beaten wives and theestablishment of a National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect, they belivethat there must be more basic attack on vilolence,including the reduction of “macho”(大男子主义)themes on the television,theoutlawing of physical punishment in schools and perhaps even the wlimination ofdeath senernces.As Straus explains,“Volence is anacceptable solution to problems in American society,And that is how it is usedin families.

26.Which ofthe following statements is true?

A. More thana third of brothers attack sisters in American families.

B. Almostfour percent of husbands are seriously beaten by their wives.

C. Six out ofone hundred couples experience severe domestic violence.

D. Sixpercent of American couples have some kind of domestic violence.

27.The  example concerning a university president’s wife shows that_________

A. domesticviolence is found in well-to do families as well

B. the incidenceof violence is highest among urban families

C. marriageadvisons’ assistance is the best solution to violence

D. domesticvilence exists regardless of age, race,and social status.

28.WhatGelles says shows that________.

A. vilence isresponsible for the decline of economy

B. violencemay be a reflection of one’s past experience

C. violenceis related to the economic situation of the time

D. violenceis the best form of emotional release for a husband

29.The word “outlawing” in line5 of the last paragraphmeans________.

A. makingsomething illegal

B. freeingsomeone from prison

C. learningsomething from law

D. throwingsomeone out of court

30.Accordingto the sociologists, it is impossible to curb domestic violence unless________.

A. moreshelters for beateb wives are opened

B. childrenare protected by a National Center

C. violenceis not accepted as a solution to problems

D. Americansget tougher with violent behaviors

Passage Three

Qestions 31to35are based on the following passage.

Americanscientists are developing an “intelligent” mabile phone capable of blocking incoming calls depending on theowner’s mood., Using “contextaware”

Technologythe “Sensay” phone will monitor callsand send back polite messages saying the user may be contacted later.

A researchteam at the Institute for Complex Engineering Systems at Carragie MellonUniversity in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, are developing body temperature andelectrical skin monitors to help the device understand the emotional state ofits user. If the phone senses that the user is busy —for instance, involved in a conversation—itmight block an incoming call and turn it onto voicemail. The phone would sendback a text message saying the user is unavailable, but advising that id thematter is urgent the  caller can tryagain in three minutes. If a call from the same person came in again, the phonewould put it through.

Theresearchers are interested in four basic different states—busy and not to be interrupted, physically active, idle,and “normal.” Most people are said to changebetween these states,an average of 6 to 12 times a day.

ProfessorAsim Smailagic, a leading member of the Carnegic Mellon team, told The Engineermagazine.”Today’s computers are prettydumb compared with the device. We got to work at the beginning of May and sincethen have been improving it. The next stage is to make it smarter, addingvarious intellingence systems so it can learn about the user. The phone alsoemploys four primary sensons—two microphones to pick upconversations and monitor local noise.a light detector and an acceleromster(加速度计).The light sensor shows if the phone is being carried in a bag orpocket ,while the accelerometer determines whether the user is walking,runningor standing still, In the sensor box, phone is being carried in a bag orpocket, while the accelerometer determites whether the user is walking,runningor standing still,In the future,the sensor box,phone and personal organizerwill be combined into one device.”

31.According to the passage, the “Sensay” phone is capable of ________.

A. showing body temperature

B. blocking unwanted calls

C. detecting the owner’s mood

D. sensing the caller’s mood

32.The second paragraph mainly tells us ________.

A. where the intelligent phone is developed

B. how the new phone is going to function

C. whether the researchers failed in their experiment

D. why the researchers failed in their experiment

33.Accorfing to Professor Smailagic, the detectorwill show________.

A. where the mobile phone is

B. where the mobile phone user is

C. whether the mobile phone user is busy

D. whether the mobile phone is within reach

34.the word “it” in line 5 of paragraph 4 refers to________.

A. the phone

B. the monitor

C. the computer

D. the light sensor

35.The besttitle for this passage is ________.

A. How toTell a Person’s Mood

B. How toBlock Incoming Calls

C. SensayYour Personal Organizer

D. Sensay TheFutuer Mobile Phone

Ⅳ.Word Spelling(10points for two words)


36.乐意地,容易地adv. r________

37.前景n. p________


39.有益的,有好处的a. b________

40.进口n. i________

41.预报n. f________

42.元素,成分n. e________

43.缩短,减少n. s________

44.诚实n. h________45.有规律的a. r________

46.改变,使不同v. v________

47.坦率地adv. F________

48.减轻,救济n. r________

49.和谐,融洽n. h________

50.赔偿v. c________


52.真诚的a. s________

53.澳门英皇APPv. e________

54.市长n. m________

55.好奇心n. e________

Ⅴ.Word Form(10point each)


56.It will be interesting to see what’s going to happen at the next________(elect).

57.For those involved, the scandal has been avery________(pain)experience.

58.________(safe)needs to be improved on the railwaysin that country.

59.The present crisis bears some ________(similar) tothe oil erisis of the 1970s.

60.His mother becomes disappointed whenever he failsto live up to her________(expect).

61.Being a ________(high) motivated lauguage learner,he takes every opportunity to improve his English.

62.Our most ________(success)product is based on avery simple idea.

63.local people are questioning the ________(wise) ofspending so much money on the new road.

64.Don’t worry. This isthe ________(desire)weight range for you health.

65.This scientist was awarded with several titles forhis________(accomplish) in biology.

Ⅵ.Translation from Chinese into English(15points,3points each)







Ⅶ.Translation from English into Chinese(15points)


Shy people are likely to be passive and easilyinfluenced by other. They are very sensitive t criticism. They also find itdifficult to be pleased by praises because they believe they are unworthy ofthem. A shy person may respond to a praise with a statement like this:“You’re saying that to make me feel good. Iknow it’s not me.”It is clearthat, while self-awareness is a good quality. overdoing it is harmful.

Can shyness be completely gotten rid of ,or at leastreduced? Fortunately ,people can overcome shyness with determined and patienteffort in building self-confidence.